Why I am taking a break from ‘popular’ self-improvement tips

This is more of a personal rant. I am taking a break from reading self-improvement hacks for an indefinite time.  Reasons, the popular life-improvement ideas make me feel- inept guilty anxious jealous It might be my personal fallacy. Be that as it may, self-improvement hacks were designed to bring more clarity into our life. Not … Continue reading Why I am taking a break from ‘popular’ self-improvement tips

4 tools that save my back while writing

This is an old post regarding the fantastic and free online tools, available for the benefit of writers.

When I first started my freelance writing journey, I was rather hesitant. I don’t have a background in literature/writing, so during the first year I was constantly on my toes whether I am doing it correct or not. Though some of my clients were quite encouraging and gave me time to edit and re-edit multiple times, other times I truly struggled about how to pen down a grammatically correct, commercial piece for the e-commerce consumers to get drawn into.

Although I am yet to own ‘professional writing in English’ like a boss, the path has become smoother thanks to a host of tools that can be found in the internet itself. If you have an aspiration to- grow your vocabulary, get guided by fellow writers or do the simple task of churning out fresh content day-after-day, then the following tools will come handy to you without any doubt-


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The curious case of neighborhood trolls

In India, hapless politicians make up the primary target group for trolls to assault. Other than them, A-listed Bollywood stars with ‘questionable’ patriotism, cricketer who posts picture with beautiful wife in ‘so-called’ western dress, youth-driven pages with whiffs of feminism- are most loved hunting grounds for trolls. In any case, today, I am not keen … Continue reading The curious case of neighborhood trolls