Being Leela: Why you should read her life-story

This is my fan-gushing of one of my favorite autobiographies (in my mother language Bengali) and the author behind it- the prolific Leela Majumdar.

If you are a non-Bengali, then you might not have heard about Leela Majumdar.

But for us, the admirer of Bengali children literature, Leela Majumdar epitomized the image of a cozy grandma who wrote stories about-

i) harmless ghosts,

ii) adventure of fearless children,

iii) hidden treasure hunt and above all-

iv) the joy of being alive.

Leela Majumdar autobiography image credit:

It’s when I read her autobiography ‘Paakdandi’( the spiral path of mountains), a bulb lit up and I realized what a trailblazer she was.

The way she molded her fate on her own during the not-so-women-friendly period of 20th century Bengal, had made her one of my personal sheroes.

a) Her remarkable childhood 

If you read Paakdandi in future (I don’t know whether its English translation is available, if yes then do grab it), you can see it for yourself how prolifically she depicted –

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4 tools that save my back while writing

This is an old post regarding the fantastic and free online tools, available for the benefit of writers.

When I first started my freelance writing journey, I was rather hesitant. I don’t have a background in literature/writing, so during the first year I was constantly on my toes whether I am doing it correct or not. Though some of my clients were quite encouraging and gave me time to edit and re-edit multiple times, other times I truly struggled about how to pen down a grammatically correct, commercial piece for the e-commerce consumers to get drawn into.

Although I am yet to own ‘professional writing in English’ like a boss, the path has become smoother thanks to a host of tools that can be found in the internet itself. If you have an aspiration to- grow your vocabulary, get guided by fellow writers or do the simple task of churning out fresh content day-after-day, then the following tools will come handy to you without any doubt-


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6 reasons you should read Tana French, right away.

I prefer standalone detective novels that have-- a) its police-person/private investigator- diving straight into the heart of the murder, b) having flashbacks of his/her own tormented life intermittently, c) getting nudged by a side-kick, d) solving the crime, e) wrapping it nicely with a perfect bow, f) going home and not coming back again for … Continue reading 6 reasons you should read Tana French, right away.