Being Leela: Why you should read her life-story

This is my fan-gushing of one of my favorite autobiographies (in my mother language Bengali) and the author behind it- the prolific Leela Majumdar.

If you are a non-Bengali, then you might not have heard about Leela Majumdar.

But for us, the admirer of Bengali children literature, Leela Majumdar epitomized the image of a cozy grandma who wrote stories about-

i) harmless ghosts,

ii) adventure of fearless children,

iii) hidden treasure hunt and above all-

iv) the joy of being alive.

Leela Majumdar autobiography image credit:

It’s when I read her autobiography ‘Paakdandi’( the spiral path of mountains), a bulb lit up and I realized what a trailblazer she was.

The way she molded her fate on her own during the not-so-women-friendly period of 20th century Bengal, had made her one of my personal sheroes.

a) Her remarkable childhood 

If you read Paakdandi in future (I don’t know whether its English translation is available, if yes then do grab it), you can see it for yourself how prolifically she depicted –

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6 reasons you should read Tana French, right away.

This I wrote less than 1-year ago. If you are hooked to thrillers/mysteries, dive into the world of Tana French. Here’s why-

I prefer standalone detective novels that have–

a) its police-person/private investigator- diving straight into the heart of the murder,

b) having flashbacks of his/her own tormented life intermittently,

c) getting nudged by a side-kick,

d) solving the crime,

e) wrapping it nicely with a perfect bow,

f) going home and not coming back again for the next book.

But it all changed when I bumped into ‘Into The Woods’ by Tana French exactly 1 month back and I fell for her writing- hook, line and sinker.

Tana French Tana French

In case you haven’t heard about this dashing ‘psychology slash literary mystery’ author from Dublin so far, here are 6 reasons why you should grab a piece of Tana French –

1) Her prose is like fine alcohol

The friends, who are into finer things in life, describe how sipping into a rich single malt takes time to build up…

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3 reasons to love ‘effeminate’ men

This post I wrote in 2016. Should’have changed ‘2017’ to ‘2018’ but later thought it’s okay as it was. Still in love of this tribe.

The more I collect grey hair, the less I like hyper-masculinity. Ripped torso, puffed-up muscle don’t bring that pit-in-the-stomach feeling that they used to do.

Now I prefer my man (or men, irrespective of their roles in my life) to cook, share household chores or buy tampons (if needed) without labeling them as ‘ladies work’.

Heck, even the heart of my heart says (though it is a sweeping generalization) that ‘effeminate’ men (I know it might sound stupid but there is a lack of better term) are eco-friendlier.

Queen M got it right

I felt I have been this the lone admirer of ‘woman-friendly’ man ( in case effeminate sounds repetitive) till I read that world-wide, women are started opening to the fact that beyond the barrage of hyper masochism- there lies a tiny, growing tribe of ‘girlie men’ ( credit goes to Arnold Schwarzenegger for coining this term).


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The rant of an Indian Xennial

This is my take on the oft-ignored ‘xennial’ generation and the conflicts faced by them.

“Do you know who he is?”, asked my septuagenarian father to our neighbor’s convent-schooled 5-year old daughter, showing her the photo of Swami Vivekananda.

“I don’t know and I don’t care”, she retorted nonchalantly while exiting the door, leaving my father agape and furious.

Later that night he lamented to us, ‘’Children these days don’t know the great progenies of Mother India anymore. We taught you differently. Didn’t we? “, while hanging his face.

Now I am fully sympathized to the little girl (and even to her parents).

jonatan-pie-306436-unsplash.jpg Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Among mounting homework and getting prepared for the big rat race lying ahead, it’s not possible to remember so many names and faces.

But the disappointment in my father is also palpable to me, as I could identify most of the legendary Indian thought-leaders, monks, freedom-fighters  from their photographs since I was  5  (80s were a…

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Why I am taking a break from ‘popular’ self-improvement tips

This is more of a personal rant. I am taking a break from reading self-improvement hacks for an indefinite time.  Reasons, the popular life-improvement ideas make me feel- inept guilty anxious jealous It might be my personal fallacy. Be that as it may, self-improvement hacks were designed to bring more clarity into our life. Not … Continue reading Why I am taking a break from ‘popular’ self-improvement tips

5 freelancing woes (apart from delayed payments & impossible deadlines)

This is a list of 5 freelancing obstacles that are part-and-parcel of gig economy anywhere.

Freelancing gave me the opportunity to be my own boss, to work for flexible hours and to pick and choose the projects after my choice.

However, any freelancer worth her salt would tell you that two of the biggest headaches that come with self-employment are – chasing away the clients for payment and meeting the steep deadlines (especially when you are juggling with multiple assignments).

But there are some ancillary woes that pop up, when you are confined to you own solitary, private work-space throughout the day.

Whether you are an iOS app developer, a graphic designer or a content writer sailing your own boat, the following anguishes must have rocked your dinghy at some-point -of time or other.

Combating Weight gain

5 freelancing woes in India image credit: Pexels

Sitting is the silent killer of 21st century and who knows it better than someone, whose sole earning depends upon typing away to glory…

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